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Consultant staff from other Directorates
Dr R Hurley - Anaesthetics
Dr L Wee - Anaesthetics
Dr J Dick - Anaesthetics
Mr R Cohen - Colorectal surgery
Mr A O'Bichere - Colorectal surgery
Mr A Windsor - Colorectal surgery
Professor Forbes - Gastroenterology
Dr Webster - Gastroenterology
Mr M Fenely - Urological surgery
Mr H Patel - Urological surgery
Mr P Malluci - Plastic surgery
Mr S Withey - Plastic surgery
Dr J Brookes - Interventional radiology
Dr Glen Blackman - associate Specalist Clinical Oncology
Dr Joyce Harper - Preimplantation Diagnosis
Lucy Side - Clinical Geneticist

Gynaecology ward sister
Baljit Gill  more

Clinical nurse specialists
P McCulloch - Stoma therapist
S Fillingham - Urology Stoma CNS
S Fell - Urology Stoma CNS

UCL Hospitals is an NHS Foundation Trust incorporating the Eastman Dental Hospital, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson & Obstetric Hospital, The Heart Hospital, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital and University College Hospital.

UCL Hospitals

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