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Women are referred to the gynaecological cancer from a number of different sources and the way that they are referred will depend on the source.

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Women with suspected or confirmed gynaecological cancer who are seen in any of the unit hospitals: Chase Farm & Barnet
North Middlesex Hospital
Princess Alexander Hospital
Royal Free Hospital
Whittington Hospital

should be referred to the Gynaecological Cancer Centre at UCLH in accordance with the gynaecological clinical outcome guidelines (1999) as agreed by the North London Gynaecological Cancer Network Tumour Board. The criteria for referral are:

  • Stage IB and above cervical carcinoma
  • Stage IC (FIGO 1988) Stage IB (FIGO 2009) and above, all stages if grade 3 and other high risk pathologies (MMT, clear cell, sarcoma) endometrial carcinoma
  • All invasive vulval carcinoma / vaginal carcinoma
  • Clinically predicted ovarian carcinoma (see below)

Making referrals
Referrals can be made to any of the clinicians in the multidisciplinary team via the ULCH Gynaecological Oncology Co-ordinator Tim Milne:

The referral should include:

  • Completed referral form
  • Referral letter
  • Patient and GP contact details
  • Copies of all imaging on CD
  • Copies of any scan reports and histopathology reports

Phone: 08451555 000 bleep 2422, or 0207 380 6872 (Direct line)

Fax: 0207 387 6083
2nd Floor North, 250 Euston Road, London NW1 2PG

Other addresses are:

Miss N MacDonald, Mr T Mould, Miss A Olaitan, Mr A Silverstone, Prof. Widschwendter

Consultant Gynaecological Oncologists
250 Euston Road, London NW1 2PG

Phone: 0207 380 6872
Fax: 0207 387 6083

Prof Jonathan Ledermann, Dr R Kristeleit

Consultant Medical Oncologists
250 Euston Road, London

Phone: 0207 380 9444
Fax: 0207 380 9055

Dr M McCormack, Dr Anita Mitra

Consultant Clinical Oncologist
250 Euston Road, London

Phone: 0207 380 9444
Fax: 0207 380 9055

Back to topReferrals from the GP

Referrals of women with suspected gynaecological cancer should be made urgently to the rapid access clinic using the NLCN standard referral pro forma.

The criteria for referral to the rapid access clinic need to be met to allow enough capacity in the clinic to see women within two weeks. The criteria for referral are on the NLCN pro forma and are recorded below.

Guidelines for Urgent Referral to Rapid Access Clinic
Urgent Referral:

  • Lesions suspicious of cancer on cervix or vagina on speculum examination (or smear suspicious of invasive cancer)
  • Lesions suspicious of cancer on clinical examination of the vulva.
  • Palpable pelvic mass not obviously fibroids.
  • Suspicious pelvic mass on pelvic ultrasound.
  • More than one or a single heavy episode of postmenopausal bleeding (PMB) in women aged >55 years who are not on HRT.
  • Postcoital bleeding (PCB) in women age >55 that persists for more than 4 weeks.
  • HRT - Unexpected or prolonged bleeding persisting for more than 4 weeks after stopping HRT.

Women who do not fit criteria but about whom there is concern:

GPs can telephone or email any of the gynaecological surgeons at UCLH for advice.

Contact details:
Phone: 08451555 000 bleep 2422, or 0207 380 6872 (Direct line)
Fax: 0207 387 6083

Back to topReferrals from Another Specialist Team at UCLH:

This can be made by telephone, email or fax to any of the clinicians or by a submission for multidisciplinary meeting discussion. The MDT meets weekly. Meetings held on Tuesdays 15.15 hours in Bland Sutton seminar room on 2nd floor of the new UCH tower block.

Back to topReferrals to the Nurse Led Psychosexual clinic

The Nurse led clinic aims to see all women completing pelvic radiotherapy to discuss pelvic radiotherapy aftercare & any woman requiring additional psychosexual support, referrals can be made directly to the Clinical Nurse Specialist team via our team co-ordinator Tim Milne on 08451555000 x 8636

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